Thomas Henneman

USA, North America
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About Thomas

My personal work, my passion is fine art nature and landscape photography. A great hobby but no way to make a living these days! I enjoy extracting the little things out in the woods and prairies - insects on flowers, abstract forms and colors that others may pass by unnoticed. The flip side of that are grand landscapes and cloudscapes of the prairies, lakes and forests near my home. I have been experimenting with different techniques lately – focus stacking (PS5), spherical panoramas (PTgui) and HDR (Photomatix). In general I do most of my editing in Adobe Lightroom 3, then some Photoshop as necessary. I try to keep editing to a minimum – cropping, color correction and sharpening. The goal is to get it right when it is shot! You may visit my website,, to see more examples of my work.