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SCHOOFS Robert, Dutchman, born in Cameroon.

Following a precision engineering training.

He worked as assistant for a photographer, Later in a professional darkroom and then as a repair engineer.

His knowledge in the field of large format, Robert has deepened by studying the "Foto Know-how" of Koch.

He told us his own way of working:

"I have theworld's biggest photographic studio at my disposal - God's own nature! I travel around a lot there with my miniature camera, it serve only as a "notebook" Whith my pictorial miniature camera note I sit down at home and plan my journeys. Once my itinerary is established, I go to the chosen places with my large format. In some cases I use an open magnesium fire to light up the shadows.

In the field of nature photography, there is no alternative to the large format. I consider photography large format as the only way to faithfully reproduce all the details and nuances. "

Today, Robert is based in Cameroon and with the arrival of digital photography,High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and 360 degree photo, Robert has found an alternative to the big format:

The virtual reality (VR)