Thorsten von Eicken

California, USA, North America
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About Thorsten

I love to travel and love to photograph. It's been a long way from 35mm slides to spherical panoramas! I find that the spherical panos really alter photography. For the first time the viewer is no longer bounded by the borders of the frame. Of course the photographer still controls many aspects of the view, but there is a very real sense of "like beeing there" that doesn't happen even with large cylindrical panoramas. For exploring unknown places to go visit or getting excited about new sites it's a new world!

I take most of the panos using a 10.5mm fisheye lens on a Nikon D200 camera. Many times I hand-hold the 8-9 shots using the "string method" to avoid large parallax errors. Sometimes I use a tripod with a nodal nija panoramic head, but my enthusiasm to carry a tripod around is rather limited. At the end of the day the photography needs to be secondary to the enjoyment of the place!

I try to write descriptions for all my published panoramas to describe the place and also why I bothered going there and taking the shot. I appreciate it if you leave me a comment (360cities doesn't make that easy, you have to click on the "technical discussion" button below the pano in the left column). To contact me directly email me at tve at voneicken dot com. Thank you!