Thomas Hayden

Portland, USA, North America
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About Thomas

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my gigapixel panoramic images.  These images average 220 Megapixels and are each created from over 100 pictures from my camera.  I also shoot larger, rectangular panoramas that can be as larger as 5 Gigapixels and are also available at and, where I am known as GigaView and GigaView360, respectfully. 

In April 2010, I made a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in northern Arizona, United States.  Through, you are now able to join my friends and I on our rafting adventure through the jewel of America's Best Idea.  From several of our lunch stops, camp sites, and side canyon hikes, you will find deeply immersive panoramas that are now also available in the rich context of Google Earth.  The virtual tour is called Grand Canyon GigaView.

As a former Google Maps Street View photographer (with Immersive Media) and former expedition river guide, I guess it was only natural that I would feel the need to share this journey immersively online.  Grand Canyon GigaView has been a not-for-profit labor-of-love that was 100% sponsored by a fund raising campaign.  Thank you to all of my generous "backers"!

Although I have been involved with immersive imagery for 6 years, Grand Canyon GigaView was my first project to use gigapixel photography and I have been addicted to the technique since.  GigaPixel photography is the perfect compliment to my original expertise, 360 degree video, an emerging medium that immerses the viewer in the entirety of an experience. 

Coming soon...GigaView360  

GigaView360 fully immerses users with 360 degree video and gigapixel imagery.  Any experience can be entirely documented and relived online.  Viscerally connecting users with deeply explorable content engages, educates, and entertains.  360 Degree Video brings the experience to life, while GigaPixel Photography offers never-before-seen detail.  Skillfully combining & applying these new media technologies for client projects is what we do at GigaView360.