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How To Sew With Pashmina

Pashmina is something extraordinary and choice of every fashion lover. Even if you are a beginner sewer then it must be your dream to sew something with the Pashmina someday. I used to only dream about it as this is not easy to handle this garment and a very expensive one. If you are about to attempt something with Pashmina then you must have enough budget to first invest in the expensive piece.

Basically, you can sew Pashmina with the help of a basic sewing machine. This garment is made from the very fine wool obtained from the goats of Himalayan area. Today I am going to tell you about the tips on how you can handle the Pashmina with care and how you will be able to sew anything with it. Let’s go through some of the easiest tips. For more information about the best basic sewing machine see here.

Light Weight:

The first thing is how you are going to identify whether it’s Pashmina or not? Some people can make a big mistake of picking up the cashmere. These both garments are absolutely different from one another and when you will pick the Pashmina then you will get to know how different these both things are? First thing through which you can identify the Pashmina is due to its light-weight.

How To Sew With Pashmina

Feel it with your hands and you will get to know it instantly. It will be too light in weight like a feather and extremely soft which will give you a cozy and soft feeling. A pure pashmina can weigh around 200 grams only. You can keep cashmere in one hand and pashmina in other one and the difference will be visible in both garments.

Wash and Maintain:

Pashmina is not a normal fabric but it’s absolutely delicate in nature. Another thing what you can experience is that if you will use it carelessly or you are going to wash it in the machine then it will tear apart. You can see the small holes in the pashmina which is going to be a big loss for you. Never ever wash Pashmina in the hot water or in the washing machine.

Make sure to dissolve the detergent properly and never wash pashmina garment with some other or with the colors. After washing, don’t twist it but simply squeeze it gently and let it dry. At the time of ironing the garment, turn the garment and use iron from the wrong side. Maintain the temperature and never go for the highest temperature.

Weak Fiber:

If you ever compare Pashmina with the other fabrics then you can see how different the fiber of both things. As Pashmina is obtained from the natural sources and this is the reason why you always have to be extra cautious at the time of sewing. While when we are going to prepare something from the Cashmere then this is easy going material.

After washing never let it dry directly into the sunlight as it can damage the fiber of the Pashmina. When you will wash it then in the wet condition Pashmina fibers become extremely weak and can be easily damaged with one wrong move. Direct sunlight is going to affect the color of the garment, as well as fiber, will be weakening forever.

If you have the best affordable sewing machine for beginners then you can sew almost anything in Pashmina but choose the thread and needle accordingly. For more relevant info about the sewing machine, visit where you will find comprehensive sewing machine reviews and guides.

Pashmina fabric

Store Pashmina:

To store Pashmina is another trouble coming your way. The solution is not to just fold it up and place it in the cupboard but to store the Pashmina you need to have a special bag to protect it from the insects. If you will save the Pashmina in the plastic wrap then it will be a wrap as it needs some breathable covering to keep it fresh and alive.

Take some protective case or muslin cloth to save the Pashmina for the longest time. Never keep naphthalene balls or any other protective sprays to save the Pashmina shawl or anything made up of the Pashmina. As these protective chemicals are going to destroy the beauty of the garment.


It’s essential to save your shawl from the moisture as it can damage the looks of the garment and it will also destroy the thread. In case you are feeling like the Pashmina is in the contact with the moisture then immediately contact dry cleaner. As moisturizer is not compatible with the Pashmina and you need to wash it.

You can wash it by hand in the home or you can give it for the dry cleaning. Hand washing is not damaging to the fiber of the Pashmina and you can always wash it by detergents which are mild in nature.

Rough Behavior:

Before you make any decisions to attempt Pashmina sewing, it’s essential to make sure that you can handle and maintain this kind of garment. If you are sewing it by your hands then first choose the thread and needle according to the nature of it and which should not damage it during the sewing. Never rip out the stitches again and again at the time of sewing Pashmina.

Pashmina is not strong enough to bear the rough behavior and that’s why if you want it to last longer then prefer professional restoration after some time to let it pass to others.


When you are sewing something big from the Pashmina garment or you are sewing a whole big shawl kind of a project then you may need a heavy duty sewing machine. If you need more guidance then read Easy Tips To Find The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine For Home Use Reviews. These machines are suitable when you want to sew something extraordinary and heavy.

Pashmina is something which is going to make addicted and you will love the luxurious look and feel of this garment. I hope you will love Pashmina sewing. Happy Sewing.

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