Dusan Skrabak


Slovakia, Europe
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About Dusan

From childhood I was an avid observer of all the beauties of life and I wanted to capture them in time for vision and other pleasures Because, unfortunately, does not affect the artistic talents I had fallen under the spell a photo that meets the magic of immortality in full. Teenage years, I graduated in the developed socialism and the era of analog cameras, resulting in the mastering process of analogue photography andconstantly acquiring new techniques for me to become commonplace. My deep andpassionate to photography lasts longer than 25 years, during which I spent only his own creation, but also photographic education of young generations. As a leadingphoto club I also placed emphasis on the acquisition of the manufacturing process ofthe classic black-and-white photographs. This, together with knowledge of the history of photography, I find it absolutely integral part of quality education for eachphotographer. After the Velvet Revolution, my pictures appeared in the emerging printmedia, where they also gained several awards. I started photographing professionallysince 2001 as a reportage photographer for web and print media. Analog was addedto a digital camera. Work with him and subsequent editing images on your PC thanks to passing familiarity with photo - workshops at home and abroad at a high technicaland artistic level. Currently in my portfolio are portrait, wedding, reportagephotography, absolute novelty is 3D panoramic images, ideal for the promotion ofhistoric buildings, interesting tourist sites and hotels. It also provides services in the areas of digitization and restoration of old photographs from family archives. Their latest project is a server www.virtualnezahorie.sk where I try to pass Zahorie birth to the virtual world.