Theses panoramas were all taken by a drone

Historic town center of Coburg, Germany with the Christmas Market on the market place and the Veste Coburg on a hill.
Meeder is a municipality with 4000 inhabitants in the Upper Franconian district of Coburg. The twin-towered church St. Laurentius dates back to the 11th century.
Low aerial view of the medieval town of Seßlach, Upper Franconia, Germany. Drone shot from 23 m height.
Aerial view of the medieval old town of Seßlach, one of the few German cities to still have an almost completely preserved city wall.
This aerial shot shows the old town of Seßlach from above. The town dates from 800 AD and still has its intact medieval town wall.
Aerial view of the medieval castle ruin Münzenberg in Hesse, Germany. Behind the castle lies the small town of the same name.
Windmills in the countryside of Germany near Helmstadt under dramatic clouds
Aerial view on solar farm "Solarpark Bavaria" in Germany. Also in the image are the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal and the pump storage facility Dürrloh that regulates the water level in the canal.
Aerial view on Berching with the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. You can see the old town with its completely preserved town wall.
Rothenfels Castle and the river Main in the Main-Spessart region of Germany, photographed by a drone.
Aerial view on solar farm Zimmern, the river Main and the city of Rothenfels in Bavaria, Germany.
This view on an outdoor swimming pool in Dabringhausen, Germany was taken for the operating company of the pool outside normal opening hours with around 600 volunteers who agreed to be photographed and filmed by a drone.
The former Vogelsburg monastery - now a restaurant - lies on the horseshoe bend of of the river Main near Volkach, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Pilgrimage church and Augustinian monastery of Fährbrück in Hausen bei Würzburg, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Photographed by a drone that flies over a red cabbage field.