Canal du Midi : the oldest waterway in Europe

In 1996 Unesco liste the Canal du Midi as a World Heritage Site. Built in 1681 by Pierre-Paul Riquet, the project was funded by king Louis XIV and create a 150 miles of hydraulic engineering marvels to link the Mediterrenean sea to Atlantic ocean.

The canal du jontion runs for 8km to Gailhousty siphon to join the canal de la robine, linking from the Canal du Midi to the city of Narbonne and the Mediterrenean sea.
Built by Vauban in 1862, this eponymous vault consists of a 3 meters high by 122 meters long tunnel. The engineering marvel has been listed by UNESCo as WHS in 1996.
This is the key spot that made possible the construcion of the canal. From here the Canal du Midi starts its journey towards both the Mediterreanean sea and the Atlantic ocean.
This aqueduc allows the Canal du Midi to cross over the Orb.