around sizuoka climbing

This place is used to sports climbing mainly for winter season.A lot of route is short and these are not many high.Ume-matsuri is opened in January 30th to March 20th every year.
We getting acquinted with member in RockField went to do free climbing at Makuyama park in Yugawara, Kanagawa prefecture.This rock is called "kastureitou" by climbers.Typical route of this rock is "kasturei(5.10b/c) she is climbing.
Macoron land is a parts of free climbing area "Makuiwa" in Yugawara. This climbing area is a popular to climb "free climbing" and "bouldering" in winter season around Kanto region.
RockField is a homey and small climbing gym where it is in Kouzu of Odawara.This gym is the nearest from sea in Japan.very occasionally,dolphins are appeared.
Tube rock is one of the climbing areas of area's rock wall is made by tuff.Rock's friction is good and many have 400 over climbimg routes. 
This area  is referred to as commonly "Hashidate". Or It is called "Family crack" from climbers. It has 22 routes that are  mainly crack route and their grade are from 5.7 to 5.12c. you just good to practice clack climbing. You can see well climbi...