Erfurt is the capital of the German state Thuringia. It has one of the best preserved historic city centers in all of Germany.

In Erfurt, the river Gera splits up in several branches, which reunite later. Between the branches there are promenades that provide recreation opportunities to the citizens.
St. Mary Cathedral ("Dom") and St. Severus Church ("Severikirche") are the landmarks of the city of Erfurt in Thuringia, Germany. The cathedral hosts the largest free-swinging medieval bell in the world, named "Gloriosa". (The bell of Cologne Cath...
"Anger" is a central square in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. The panorama shows the department store "Anger 1", the Kaufmanns Church and the Main Post Office.
The Benediktsplatz (Benedikt Square) in Erfurt is situated at the western end of the Krämerbrücke (Merchant's Bridge). It has been re-modelled in 2020.
The Krämer Bridge is the oldest building in Erfurt. It is the longest bridge with houses on it in Europe. The houses have been inhabited for 500 years.
Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia, one of Germanys 16 states. It has a well preserved old town. The panorama shows the Fischmarkt with the neo-Gothic town hall as its most prominent building.
The Domplatz is the central square in front of the Cathedral (Dom) in Erfurt. To the right of the Dom is the St Serverin Church.
Stairway to St Mary cathedral and St Severus' Church in Erfurt, Germany, at night