around hakone panoramas.

Toumi-Banya is a lookout post for monitoring  Lake Ashinoko in Edo were prohibited by boat across this lake it.So in always 2 soldiers had done duty on its upstair.Toumi-Banya is the only  two storied house in this checkpoint.
"Mikuni-touge" is a pass that alitude 1,030m at Hakone. "Mikuni" is means three countries. In Edo period this pass located three countries "suruga" "izu" and "sagami".  
Mt.kintoki is called 'kintokiyama' or 'kintokisan' or 'inohanayama'. It locates at crater edge of Mt.Hakone caldera.There are two huts in its summit 'Kintoki-chaya' and 'Kintaro-chaya'. Mt.Fuji is looked good at here when it is fine day.