Keyakidaira station is end of Kurobe gorge railway.It was build for the Kurobe dam to carry materials.There are some hot springs around here.The hot springs are wild and good feeling,you try it.
This Crossing is in front of Unazuki onsen station.I waked up early morning for getting on the track railway from Unazuki to Keyakidaira.Shops were not open yet so early.
I wake up early morning ,so I was going to get on the Kurove gorge railway.This track rail way is build from the begining for make the Kurobe dam. It is used by Kansai electoric power co.Ltd now. Tourist can get on too.
Kurobe gorge railway runs along the Kurobe gorge, Unazuki to Keyakidaira.It takes 90 minutes on way. This railway is off on Novenber 30th to May 1st every year.This trip by railway,you take a "Masu-no-sushi' to buy at Unazuki Station, because you ...