Moselle bends

Panoramas of some scenic bends of the Moselle river ("Mosel" in German)

Medieval, half-timbered houses on the market place of Bernkastel, Germany
Petersberg Chapel sits on a hill in the Moselle valley near Neef, Germany
Aerial view on Zell on the Moselle river, with vineyards and the Collis Tower
Ürzig is a small town on the river Moselle, surrounded by vineyards. At this point a very high bridge spanning the whole valley is being constructed (Hochmoselübergang)
Castle Ruin Landshut oversees the scenic town Bernkastel on the river Moselle
The horseshoe bend of the river Moselle near Bremm is one one the most famous spots in the Moselle valley. The shot was taken by a drone from over the vineyards
A highway over the Moselle river and valley in its final stage of construction between Zeltingen-Rachtig and Ürzig, Germany, taken on July 23rd, 2018 with a drone
Aerial view of Bernkastel-Kues and Landshut Castle on the Moselle river, taken in the morning from above the vineyards
Bird's eye view of Trittenheim on the river Moselle in Germany.