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Set pf panoramas at the river Rems from spring near Essingen and mouth at Neckarrems Set von Panoramabilder bei der Rems von der Quelle bei Essingen bis zur Mündung bei Neckarrems
Created 17/02/2019 by Hans-Dieter Teschner
"Often credited as H.P. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction. Born in Providence in 1890, the son of Winfield Scott Lovecraft and Sarah Susan Phillips Lovecraft, he is regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century. Lovecraft died in 1937 at the age of 46 and was laid to rest in the Phillips family lot at Swan Point Cemetery. Lovecraft, along with his parents, is listed on the Phillips family monument. In 1977, a group of loyal Lovecraft fans raised money to buy him a headstone of his own on which they had inscribed Lovecraft’s name, the dates of his birth and death, and the phrase “I AM PROVIDENCE,” a line from one of his personal letters." Swan Point Cemetery
Created 13/02/2019 by John Wood
Ilot Mato is a wonderful anchorage with protection from all wind directions. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island has a miniature lagoon within New Caledonia's Great Southern Lagoon. You can enjoy well developed coral reefs with ancient coral heads that are thousands of years old, a reef nursery area where baby tropical fish of every description begin their adventure, sea eagles, white sand beaches, and often nobody in the anchorage but your own yacht. Here is a virtual tour of Ilot Mato to tide you over until you can get here yourself. Be sure to click on the images to see the sphere image, read the caption and click on the full page view for a virtual reality expedition to Ilot Mato. All the details you need to get yourself here in person are on the Rocket Cruising Guide to New Caledonia. Order yours now at
Created 11/02/2019 by Richard Chesher
If you are into trekking in wilderness areas this has to be one of the best river treks in the world. Here is the Carenage River on the SE tip of Grande Terre, New Caledonia - from the crystal clear source down over spectacular waterfalls to where it empties out into the Baie du Carenage. Perfect for a day hike, exciting on mountain bikes, wonderful walk from you yacht in the anchorage.
Created 09/02/2019 by Richard Chesher