Jeff Cremer

Peru, South America, 世界
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About Jeff

This is the part where I’m supposed to write about myself in the third person – as if someone hijacked my website and decided to say a bunch of great stuff about me.

Instead I’ll say this: I’m just a regular everyday normal guy who likes to take pictures.

I havent been to the moon or to the bottom of the sea. But I have travelled and lived in many far away places and had a lot of amazing adventures. I've taken a lot of neat photos along the way.

I’ve been published in books and magazines, but not nearly enough to be a super famous millionaire. My parents are proud of me and love my pictures and thats the better than any amount of money or fame I could ever get.

I'm a curious person by nature and I like to combine science, nature and technology to create art and explore the amazing universe that we live in, from photos of tiny ants drinking from a drop of water to giant galaxies colliding with each other in space.

I believe that if I can take a photo that enables a person to see something in a new way, pause for a moment and think or ask a question, I believe that I have done my job as a photographer.

I could list my publication credits and professional accomplishments, and tell you what other people have said about me but my mom and dad would be more than happy to do that job for me.

Lets be friends, better yet, lets take a trip to the moon. - Jeff