Earn Money With Your Panoramas

Creating and sharing panoramas is our passion, but wouldn't be great if you could earn extra money from them? Read on:

1. Offering your panoramas for licensing

Offering your panoramas for licensing by default means that you have more opportunities to earn money from your images. Follow these steps to enable this feature in your account:

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard and click on account settings.

Step 2: Select "Licensing" tab

Step 3: Select yes and click on "Save my choice".

Prices are determined by us on rights managed basis. Royalties are paid monthly via PayPal to your 360Cities account email address. Paypal will notify you if you receive a royalty.

2. Get Hired for Photography Jobs

360Cities lists all photographers that are available for hire by country on the Find a Photographer page. To appear on this list, get a PRO account and opt-in to appear in the list in your account settings.

3. Keep ad revenue

You can keep 100% of the revenue from clicks on Google AdSense ads on your image pages if you have a PRO account.

To manage your Ad settings, click on AdSense tab in your account settings.

Things to note:

  • All changes you make to your ad settings will take a few days to propagate to the live site. This is due to various caching mechanisms we have in place on profile and panorama pages. Please allow about 1-3 days to see the changes live.
  • When you set your AdSense details for the first time and apply for the 100% revenue sharing, we need to manually review your account to make sure all your details are entered correctly. We can't start showing ads using AdSense for accounts with incomplete or faulty information. Please allow about a week before we review the info and feel free to contact us with questions if it takes longer.
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