Erik Bjers


USA, North America
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About Erik

I am a Network Administrator, by trade, working with Development Alternatives providing IT support to USAID projects around the world; and a world traveler / amateur photographer at heart. I enjoy travelling to new places, seeing new things, and taking pictures of everything I see. For me photography is an attempt to capture the world the way I see it, preserve it for memory, and sharing those visions with others. When I first started traveling for work in 2003 I carried a small 3 megapixel point-and-shoot camera with me everywhere I went. As work has continually taken me to more places around the world and has shown me many more things to capture I found, that as much as I enjoyed it, the little point-and-shoot camera was no longer enough and I started to invest in new equipment. Ever since I have been travelling on a frequent basis and you almost never find me more than 5 feet away from my camera, which is always at the ready. This website allows me to not only preserve those incredible places, but it also gives me a way to share those moments with others. I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection and that you visit again.