Ivan Sgualdini


Sardinia, Italy, Europe
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About Ivan


I am an Italian photographer specializing in landscape, travel, HDR, 360 ° spherical panoramic VR and virtual tours. During the last year I made a photographic archive of selected and high quality photos, as required by today's online agencies, publishers and an increasingly demanding world market revolutionized by digital photography.


I specialize in immersive photography, producing panoramic pictures 360 ° and Virtual Tour of which you can see some examples in my site www.ivansgualdini.it/category/360vr and 360cities.net. There are also specialized in the HDR (high dynamic range) of which there are examples in this gallery www.ivansgualdini.it/photo-albums/hdr/

I shoot mainly in Sardinia, my native land and current residence, shooting for publishers, agencies, accommodation facilities. Tourism, beaches, landscapes, traditions, itineraries and local people are the topics that I deal in more. Outside of Sardinia I have a portfolio related to various travel destinations around the world, from which they draw in general for the travel and tourism magazines published by purchase of license. You can see some examples of my recent work in Portfolio www.ivansgualdini.it/portafoglio/


Sardinia is an island that offers a wide variety of coastal scenery and excels in particular for its beautiful beaches and clear blue sea, making it known internationally as a great seaside destinations in the world. The hinterland is characterized not only by many landscaping ideas, but also a wealth of folk traditions, culture and extraordinary ancient archeology. Customs and folklore, festivals and fairs, crafts, weaving, agriculture and pastoralism, complete the picture of this wonderful land.


Visit my site www.ivansgualdini.it to see other photo albums and write me for any information to: info@ivansgualdini.it