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Most recent panoramas were made with the following hardware:

Nikon D850 body

Nikon 8-15mm fisheye set at 13mm, requiring five shots total.

Nodal Ninja NN4 head with ring clamp.

Gitzo leveling tripod

ExpoDisc white balance filter

Many earlier panoramas used a Nikon D810 body, Nikon 16mm full-frame fisheye lens requiring 8 shots for a spherical image.

Nodal Ninja carbon fiber poles and infrared filters figure into a few panoramas. 

Panoramas made in India and South Africa employed this hardware:

Fujifilm X30 camera, set at 28mm focal length

Nodal Ninja: pano head modified to reduce size and weight, Rotator Mini 45deg

Gitzo GT1550T tripod

ExpoDisc white balance filter

This rig requires a minimum of 26 shots for a spherical image.  Performance-wise, this is not as desirable as the camera setup above.  But the entire outfit weighs only 3kg (6.6lb) in a compact courier bag, and it is well-suited for airline travel.

I have developed techniques for making aircraft cockpit panoramas:

Panoramas in Tight Places

PTgui Pro was used for produce all the images.