Matjaz Kacicnik


Cairo, Egypt, Middle East, Africa
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About Matjaz

Matjaž Kačičnik is a Slovenian professional photographer/photojournalist living in Cairo, Egypt. He is specialized in documenting cultural heritage and archaeological sites.

A resident of Egypt since 2004, Matjaž Kačičnik has worked with a variety of projects documenting Egypt’s unique material and cultural legacies, photographing pharaonic tombs and Cairo’s Islamic and Coptic monuments. He has also been exploring the works of his compatriot Anton Laščak (1856-1946), one of the most prominent Neo-Islamist artists in architecture, who served as court architect for the King of Egypt.


Matjaž Kačičnik collaborates with several organizations involved in the restoration of historic buildings in Egypt (The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, The American Research Centre in Egypt, The Getty Conservation Institute, etc.) and is a member of several archaeological expeditions in Luxor (Theban Mapping Project, The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York as well as the Pisa, Helsinki, Basel and Brussels Universities).