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About Timothy

Hello, my name is Timothy Oldfield, a virtual tour photographer (actually, the ONLY 360° photographer) with Washington State 360.  ;)

The Washington State 360 Project is my way of assisting with the "warm introduction" to various locations around the state of Washington in these United States of America.

Most of the 360-degree (fully-spherical) panoramas I capture or create are now being posted here on "360cities.net", and many are also being shared on Google Street View and Google Maps through my Trusted Photographer account, and Local Guide account (for posting of snapshots, often voluntarily, to assist small businesses and non-profits with editing and otherwise delineating their Maps listings). If you have a VR headset, Google Cardboard viewer, or other stereo viewer, click on the tiny cardbord goggles icon and enjoy another level of experience.  ;)

Studies have shown that VR Tours (sets of Virtual Reality panoramas) can boost visitor-count dramatically.  Once virtually in-the-door, your location becomes more engagingly "familiar", which allows most virtual visitors to more easily drop residual resistance, and perhap raise their curiosity, thereby increasing the likelihood of visiting for real.  Which in turn allows them to promote your establishment to acquaintences.

While building these collections of 360-degree panoramas, I also enjoy keeping the locations and subjects diverse.  Sometimes it is fun to allow a viewer to experience a perspective not generally open to the public (for safety, insurability, security or other reasons), such as venturing into a production area or out onto a condemned bridge, etcetera.  What would you like to share from a unique perspective?