"I have been a Pro member of 360Cities since 2009. In addition to my 360Cities Account I have 5 personal photo websites for my professional photography. My 360Cities images have been viewed by more than 1,697,650 people - vastly more than all my personal websites combined.
360Cities also sells more photos than my own sites by a wide margin. Plus, the 360Cities professional and clear licensing policy makes the sale simpler for the customer and for me. Over the years, 360Cities has been 100% terrific."
Pro Expert Maestro
Richard Chesher, Pro and Maestro photographer, www.rocket-guides.com
"I host my panoramas on 360Cities as they have the best platform and license my panoramas and allow me to make some money as well.
My panoramas have been used for various things including apps for iPad and ebooks, and now, with the recent partnership with Getty Images, it has become even easier to license panoramas via 360Cities."
Expert Maestro
Marcio Cabral, Pro and Maestro photographer, fotoexplorer@gmail.com
"The greatest experience I’ve had with 360Cities is when I get notified about the royalty payment of one of my panos :-))
Those are moments in which you realize how fantastic it is to get proof on how many different ways your work pays off, and that makes you feel really good."
Pro Expert Maestro
Christian Kleiman, Pro and Expert photographer, info@christiankleiman.com
"I do not exactly remember why I started to make 360° spherical panoramas, probably I saw something in the Internet and we're looking for something new in my photography hobby. But I remember pretty well that one of the first hurdles to overcome was to find a platform to show these panoramas. I remember myself looking around and coming across 360Cities.net that offered me a "for free" platform with a very professional look and a hassle free interface to upload and tag the panoramas and share the new work. This was at the end of 2009.
I really enjoyed my new found extension of my hobby and started to upload more and more panoramas to 360Cities and one day it happened that one of my panoramas was licensed and I received a royalty payment. I was not only happy about this payment, but about the fact that an international newspaper was showing one of my panoramas to a variety of customers or visitors of their website, this was quite an appreciation for the work I did.
Since then and with the increasing amount of panoramas I published, I received this appreciation through licensing of my panoramas from time to time. Unfortunately I cannot make a living from it, but it at least pays for partly the equipment and software needed. And it is a payment for something that is already there as I would make all these panoramas anyway.
I have seen other platforms in the Internet, but none of these were able to convince me in any form. Either there interface is complicated or more nice than useful or there payment regulations are vague or difficult to understand. Some of them require to hand over the intellectual property rights of the pictures to the website owner - a no-go for me! With the transparency of the rules of 360Cities I've decided to pay for a pro account quite fast to support the site as well.
During the last 7 years I had a lot of contact with the people of 360Cities, a small but very enthusiastic team that is always responsive in any case. If there is a small problem every once in a while, it is either fixed right away after being reported or at least a feedback given that it is taken care of. And they introduced new features from time to time, more evolutionary than revolutionary which pays off in consistency and stability.
Overall I am very satisfied with my experience of 360Cities and the team behind.
Guys, please keep up the good work!"
Pro Expert Maestro
Carsten Arenz, Pro, Expert, Maestro photographer
"360Cities is not only for presenting your work to the world. It is also a good chance to earn money. Offering your panoramas for licensing means that you have more opportunities to earn money with your images. 360Cities also gives you the opportunity to offer embedded panoramas to clients’ websites, so a server of your own is not required. 360cities will show the ads next to your panoramas but you can keep the revenue, so this is also a good chance to earn something extra." (More...)
Expert Maestro
Rami Saarikorpi, Pro and Maestro photographer, www.360panorama.fi
"As an older photographer I don't get too excited about much but panoramas and a membership with 360Cities has me going again."
Tom Sadowski, Expert photographer, www.TomSadowski.com
"The benefits of the 360Cities licensing service include peace of mind regarding customer prospecting. 360Cities takes care of everything and has increased my incomes through many new licensing options and great commercial support.
After many years in operation, it is plain to me that outsourcing to 360cities has proven to be a prudent and effective d€ci$ion!"
Pro Expert Maestro
Gregory Panayotou, Pro and Maestro photographer, www.direct2brain.net
"My panoramas are now displayed more often than ever thanks to the 360Cities distribution partnership with Getty Images, I appreciate that 360Cities has built its licensing business so that each photographer has more and better prospects for development. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation."
Expert Maestro
Yunzen Liu, Pro and Maestro photographer, web3d@vip.sina.com
"I have been in the 360º Photography field since 1996 and I’m very impressed how effective the distribution partnership with Getty Images is working. In just the first two months I received my first royalty payment for the license of one of my New York City panoramas and that motivated me to upload and publish more of my content on this platform."
Pro Expert
Isaac Martinez, Pro and Expert photographer, 360@isaacmartinez.com
"I contribute to your website through my work with Chris Blake at Aerial Vr and enjoy it immensely. I think it's very powerful that I can browse through your library of 10's of thousands of images from every part of the planet, zoom, pan and manipulate (using your view options like little planet). What a great service you provide."
Brian Shriver, camera technician at AerialVr
"There are thousands of stunning 360 degrees images from across the globe on 360cities.net, including many of the best tourist attractions."
Kate Russell, BBC TV program, ‘Click’
"Possibly one of the best sites I have ever been to. A fantastic tool to share our wonderful planet with."
Chris Podesta, Director, AMG Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 360cities.net all about?

360Cities is the preferred publishing platform for thousands of panorama photographers and 360° video creators from around the world. Our growing collection includes hundreds of thousands of stunning panoramic photos and videos that are carefully reviewed by our curation team to ensure that 360Cities remains a unique 360° collection of the highest quality content.

360Cities is also the global leader in stock licensing of 360° content. We license content to EdTech service providers, educational publishers, digital advertising agencies, VR/AR/MR experience developers, and more. Join the thousands of 360Cities contributors who have earned royalties from our licensing sales.

At 360Cities, we put our contributors first. All 360Cities contributors receive a customizable profile page where they can write about themselves and their work. Contributors always receive attribution for their work both on 360Cities properties and on those of our platform partners. Outstanding contributors earn recognition via our EXPERT badge and a select few can earn our MAESTRO badge. We celebrate the work of our contributors via our Featured Panorama of the Week and monthly Featured Contributors.

Why should I upload my 360° images and videos to 360Cities instead of putting them on my own website?

You can do both. Benefits from publishing on 360Cities are: exposure to our huge global audience; seeing your images on our well-designed platform; the ability to use our platform when you are selling your own photography services; view your images on iPad and iPhones, etc. We are a perfect solution if you don't feel like spending so much time on the publishing side of panoramic photography, and would like to spend more time taking photos. An easy way to begin is to 1) publish your panoramas on 360Cities and then 2) embed these into your own website. You'll also get some free high-performance hosting of your panoramas that way, which is a considerably good deal.

How does 360Cities help increase exposure of my images and videos? Who will see my work published on 360Cities?

Millions of people visit 360cities.net to view our immersive 360° content! And all our image and video pages are indexed as search results in Google and other search engines. So, the better your content, title, tags, and description, the more people will find it. Features for our members include a special author page for each individual photographer. Your author page will show all your exclusive content globally - in other words, it's your own personal portfolio page on 360Cities.

Can I offer my images for licensing through 360Cities?

Yes. You can choose to offer your panoramas for licensing both via 360Cities and our distribution partners. Individual panoramas can be opted-out from licensing if you choose, while your others remain available. Everything is easily managed in your account settings. You can also of course continue selling your own work via your own website or by other means independent of 360Cities.

Can I remain a basic member indefinitely or is it a free trial?

There is no commitment and no monthly charge for the BASIC account. You can keep your BASIC account as long as you wish.

How do I cancel or downgrade?

Login on your account and visit this page, the Plan Page, and click on "Don’t renew". Your account won't be renewed. Then, you can wait until it simply expires. You will not be charged again.

What type of payments do you accept?

You can select whether to pay via PayPal or with your credit card.

How do I extend my account?

Your account will be automatically extended after one year, so you don’t have to worry about your business panoramas or sets being unpublished or your PRO embedded panos being downgraded or losing portfolio view mode. You can cancel the extend automatically option at any time during the term of your membership.

How does 360Cities save my time?

We've got a serious technology running on our distributed server infrastructure. Our publishing system completely automates the process of adding panoramas to the 360Cities map. All you have to do is upload stitched panoramas. Our system does everything else like processing the image for tiled display in our flash viewer, locating it properly on the map, etc. At the same time, you have many different controls and settings that you can choose to tweak if you want.

How do I join the 360Cities community?

360Cities is dedicated to promoting the growth of interactive 360° content and the work of creators around the world. As a member, you can connect with other members and ask questions and share experiences about the best way to grow your skills and use 360cities.net.

Where can I find legal agreements relating to my membership with 360Cities?

Please read our Contributor Terms, Privacy Policy, and Website Terms. You can read all of our legal agreements by clicking on LEGAL in the footer of any of our web pages.

How do I contact you with any additional questions?

If you have questions about 360Cities or our membership plans, or if you are having an issue with the sign-up process, please post them in our 360Cities Forum or contact us and we'll get right back to you.