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360Cities Content Distribution Partnerships

Why do we partner with other licensing agencies?

Making our content available to customers of other agencies in different markets and territories around the world is the best and most efficient way to grow our customer base, as these agencies have spent years developing and maintaining their customers and have a direct relationship with them. We choose our distribution network partners carefully and limit our partnerships to those whom we trust to take the same care that we do to present your content online in the best possible way.

Beginning in July 2018, we will announce distribution partnerships with a few carefully chosen companies that we believe can help significantly increase our commercial reach and generate more revenue for our contributors. 360Cities account holders will receive updates with details on new partnerships as they are announced.

Will 360Cities stop licensing my images and videos?

No. While our distribution partnerships with other agencies increase the number of customers who are exposed to your work, we will continue to grow our own customer base. Licensing royalties from our distribution partners supplement rather than replace the royalties we ourselves generate for you.

Do I have to commit to licensing exclusively via 360Cities?

No. We do not require that contributors license exclusively through us. You may upload your images and videos to other platforms for licensing if you wish.

Click here to find out more about offering your images and videos for licensing via 360Cities.

Will all my images and videos be made available via 360Cities’ distribution partners?

This may depend to some extent on the details of our agreements with individual distribution partners, but our goal is to ensure that all or as many as possible of your 360 images enabled for licensing, as well as all your 360 videos, are made available for licensing via our partners’ websites or channels.

What if my images contain a watermark or logo?

Most distribution partners do not want to display images to their customers that contain user-added graphics, like watermarks or logos covering the nadir cap. These images in most cases will be refused by our distribution partners. If any of your panoramas contain similar graphics, please consider removing them and replacing the images so you can increase your chances of earning royalties via our distribution partners. Click here to find out how to replace your panoramas that contain added graphics.

How can I maximize my chances of having my images and videos licensed via 360Cities and its distribution partners?

Creating great 360° panoramas and videos of interesting locations with complete and accurate metadata is the key to earning licensing royalties from your work.

Please take a few minutes and read our Tips for Licensing page to help ensure that you have the greatest chance of being found and licensed. For more on how to provide the all-important metadata for your work, please click here for more tips.

How are prices set for my panoramas and videos on distribution partner websites?

Our distribution partners have the final say in how content on their sites is priced, although prices are established in consultation with us. Our distribution partners may also license images and videos from 360Cities individually or as part of a group of images or videos, or as part of a subscription package.

How much do I earn on sales of my content via distribution partners?

You receive a royalty of 50% of the gross proceeds that we receive when any of your images or videos are licensed via our content distribution partners.

Will my panoramas and videos be credited on distribution partner websites?

Yes. Your images and videos will be credited on partner websites. The individual form of the credit may vary, but as a rule the credit will conform to the following: "Photographer name /"

When your images or videos are purchased either via 360Cities or one of its distribution partners for editorial use, i.e. in a publication, it will normally be credited to you. If your content is licensed for a creative application, i.e. an advertising campaign, a photo credit is not always provided unworkable to do so.

Do I receive any details on how my content has been licensed by 360Cities or its distribution partners?

Yes. If your images or videos are licensed, you’ll receive a royalty payment from 360Cities via Paypal. The note accompanying your royalty payment will contain basic information on customer and usage category, in addition to a link to the image or video licensed. This information is also included in the “Licensing” tab in your 360Cities account. If your PayPal address is different from your 360Cities account email address, you can add or update it at any time by going to your account dashboard and clicking Settings followed by the Email tab.

We're excited to be at the forefront of the effort to push 360° panorama and video content out to a much wider audience through our new and growing network of distribution partners. We’re happy to answer your questions any time, so please send us an email at

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