Calvin K McDonald


Idaho, USA, North America
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Idaho, Utah, Canyons, Rivers, Lakes, Public Lands, Desert, Geology, History

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Inspired By: Tomasz M

I've had a life-long interest in photography that started back in the film days.  I even had a darkroom at one point.  Then came digital and things really got fun.

I've always viewed photography as a way to show others as realistically as possible the beautiful places on earth.  For years I felt like standard single-frame photography was like looking through a key-hole.

Then came single-row panoramas and the key-hole opened up.  I could photograph to some degree what I was seeing.

Finally, I found spherical panoramas and the key-hole is gone - one more dimensional limitation removed.  Now I feel like I can show the viewer what I saw.

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idahopano . ckmcdonald . com