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Customize your profile

Take some time to set up your profile. It is important for the community and for customers. It’s like your panoramic photography resume.

Set Your Profile URL
The profile URL (also called handle) starts with and can be anything you want, your real name, your company name or anything else. It defines the URL of your profile page on

Set Your Account Name
This is the name that appears visually on the site as your photographer's credit. For free accounts this must be your real name only. Company name, nickname or anything else is not allowed unless you have a PRO or a Company account.

To create a new name for your account, select the language of your choice and click the + sign. You can set your name in multiple languages.

A PRO badge will be displayed by your name if you have a PRO or Company account. Expert and Maestro badges will be displayed by your name if you are awarded them.

Set Your Bio
Your bio (description) will appear in your profile page. Please describe yourself and make sure it's not empty. It’s like your resume or CV. You can add links to your blog, website, social media platforms, etc.

Set Your Profile Image
Your profile image will appear on your profile page and also on other parts of the website.

Set Your Location
Sometimes our customers look for panoramic photographers of a determined location. Do not miss the opportunity to be hired for photography jobs!

Featured Images
You can choose some of your panoramas to be featured in your profile page. Select your best panoramas to display them in your profile!

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