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Panoramas that are selected for 360Cities can also be selected for Google Earth after our review. 360Cities is now included in the default Photos layer in Google Earth.

IMPORTANT: Cylindrical panoramas (panoramas that are not fully spherical) will not be selected for Google Earth. Currently Google Earth doesn't accept these panoramas. Once it does we will try to push all good-quality cylindrical panoramas hosted on 360Cities to Google Earth. They will have a lower ranking than spherical panoramas so they will always be a bit less visible than spherical images.

These panoramas will NOT be selected for Google Earth:

  • Panoramas that are not selected for public display on 360Cities
  • Interior spaces with no or little visibility to the outside. This includes hotel rooms, shopping malls, offices, apartments, etc. Exceptions are usually made for wide perspectives inside places of worship, and occasionally for other interiors that are exceptionally remarkable and beautiful.
  • Trade shows, expositions and similar events
  • Family, personal or posed shots. Generally, panoramas with people will not be selected unless the people are an unavoidable part of the location.
  • Cave interiors and/or confined spaces that don't show a place on earth or are uninteresting, poorly lit, etc.
  • Nudity / obscenity / inappropriate content
  • Political demonstrations
  • Concerts, festivals and similar events
  • Exception: Festival images may be considered if they do not show many people. If several images of the same event are published, usually only one or two (if eligible) will be selected.
  • Exception: City street parades and other similar events may be considered if people are not posing, the location is famous for that event, and if it is a repeating event.

Technical aspects of images that are NOT permitted:

    Panoramas that have a logo on the zenith (the top of the pano)
  • Panoramas with a very large, unattractive or inappropriate nadir logo
  • Abstract panoramas or ones highly modified from the original image
  • "Extreme HDR" or otherwise strongly stylized panoramas
  • Panoramas with the resolution of less than 6000x3000 pixels
  • Panoramas that are too dark or too light, blurry, or panoramas with some technical problems

Are you waiting too long for your panorama to be reviewed?

Get a paid account to support our review team. Paid accounts have a higher priority in the review queue (PRO and COMPANY accounts have the top priority). We guarantee the review for all paid account panoramas within 7 days but usually this happens within 1-2 days! Learn more about the review process.

How long does it take before my panoramas appear in Google Earth?

Each of your published panoramas is reviewed before it appears in Google Earth. This can take a week or sometimes more (in rare cases 1-2 months) if you have a free account since we are giving priority to paid accounts. The newly reviewed panoramas are sent to Google Earth usually every day but sometimes the update is delayed.

Can a panorama be changed (moved on map, its title or description edited or switched with a new image) after it has been published to Google Earth?

Yes but it will have to be reviewed again which could result in disappearing from Google Earth temporarily. Learn how to upload a better version of your panorama.

What to do if my panorama has not been selected for Google Earth?

If your panorama hasn't been selected and you are sure that the photo follows guidelines (see above), you can ask a question in our forum and we will review the panorama again.

I have clients who want to be on Google Earth. Can you guarantee placement in Google Earth? Can I?

We currently do not sell placement in Google Earth. As a member of 360Cities, you also may not sell placement in Google Earth. However, if someone pays you to make panoramas, and the images fit our criteria to be published in Google Earth (see above), they will be published there.

Your panoramas can have these statuses:

Google Earth Status: Selected

The review team looked at your panorama and found out that it is appropriate for Google Earth. It will appear in Google Earth when the next synchronization happens.

Google Earth Status: Not Selected

The review team looked at your panorama and found out that is not appropriate for Google Earth. This can be for a number of reasons (see below).

Google Earth Status: Not Yet Reviewed

Your panorama is still in the review queue.

See also: Viewing panoramas in Google Earth

(see the little red squares? that's us! :)

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