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Publishing 360° Videos

Now you can upload your 360º videos to 360Cities.

360° videos uploaded to 360Cities and accepted for publication are automatically available for licensing by our customers and those of our distribution partners. Demand for 360° video is growing and adding video to your 360Cities portfolio is a good way to promote your work and increase your chances of earning extra royalties.

We've added an “Upload Video” link in the top menu of your account dashboard
How to upload and publish 360° videos via web
  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome, because it shows accurate upload progress information.
  • Sign in to your account, go to the Dashboard and click the "Upload Video" link in the top menu.
  • Choose a relevant thumbnail image taken from the video and upload it. (The thumbnail image should be the same resolution as your video file.)
  • Follow the instructions and add a title, description, tags, and a location
  • Click Save. Your 360° video will now be processed.
How to upload and publish 360° videos via FTP
  • Install an FTP program (we strongly recommend Filezilla).
  • Login details to your personal 360Cities FTP account can be found in your ftp settings.
  • Upload your MP4/MOV/M4V file.
  • When your video is processed you can edit the metadata (title, tags, and location info are mandatory), and you have the opportunity to change the thumbnail picture too.
  • Click ‘Publish’.
360° video technical specifications
  • Format: .mp4, .m4v or .mov
  • Duration: minimum duration 10 seconds
  • Aspect ratio: 2:1
  • Resolution: minimum resolution of 2048x1024
  • Audio: Optional
  • Maximum size: 4GB
360° video content guidelines and recommendations

You can upload videos of your choice, but we recommend the following types: Places, Spaces, Landmarks, Places of Interest, Landscapes (Rural and Urban), The Unseen and The Inaccessible.

Specific examples include: Woodland, forests, deserts, beaches, fields, beautiful landscapes, snowy locations, ocean environments, urban street scenes, underwater, mountain views, bustling cities at night, lakes, rivers, iconic views, weather based content (raining/snowing/high winds), travel (planes/trains/automobiles), coral reefs, volcanic environments, landscape gardens, moorland, sports pitches (football/rugby/tennis/basketball/American football), sand dunes…

Tip: Creating static videos of things around you in motion is easier and less likely to create motion sickness in a VR environment than creating videos while moving.

Public promotion of your 360° videos

We promote 360° videos in our 360° Video Gallery and also through our distribution partners. Check that your videos meet the following criteria to ensure that they receive as much attention as possible:

  • Adherence to the minimum technical requirements listed above
  • Metadata: title, tags, and location info are mandatory.
  • Correct exposure
  • Enjoyable quality and appropriate content
  • Fully spherical without black borders at the top (zenith) or bottom (nadir)
  • Level horizon
  • No major stitching, or color errors
  • No creator attribution (i.e. names and logos) inside the videos
  • Don't move the camera - best to use a tripod/pole
  • Music/Sound: Don't add any unlicensed music/sound to your videos. Of course, natural sounds are welcome
Report issues

Please report issues and suggestions for improvement to the 360Cities Forum under the category: "360° video issues and questions".

Video review

Each 360° video you publish on is manually reviewed to ensure it meets our minimum technical and quality standards for public display. We will strive to provide feedback on your videos. If your video is not accepted and you have not been contacted, please contact us on the 360Cities Forum under the category: "360º video issues and questions".

VR 360° Video Gallery

The most immersive way to view the hundreds of thousands of 360° videos on is in Virtual Reality (VR). You can enjoy the VR experience either by using a dedicated head mounted display (headset) like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive or by using mobile devices with a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, also with Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

It is a great feature that allows viewers to navigate from one 360º video to another without having to take off their VR headset.

Go to the 360° Video Gallery and click on:

You'll be able to navigate around the gallery from your desktop or your mobile device.

Rotate your head and body to choose the video you want to see; or change to a different gallery page to find more videos. With your VR device on, stare at the video chosen and it'll be opened for you.