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Maestro & Expert 360Cities Contributors
Maestro 360cities Contributors

A MAESTRO badge recognizes a select group of photographers for their exceptional contribution to the 360Cities Panoramic World.

The MAESTRO badge will be displayed right next to the EXPERT badge next to the photographer’s name.

We’ll be updating the MAESTRO list on a regular basis. If you have ambitions of becoming a 360Cities MAESTRO, you can contact one or more of them for inspiration – the easiest way to approach them is via the comments feature on the panorama pages. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the MAESTROs!

Expert 360Cities Contributors

Expert 360Cities Contributors have some special privileges on 360Cities.

  • Expert contributors panoramas are automatically selected for 360Cities.
  • Expert Basic contributors have access to advanced stats (which is normally a PLUS account feature)
  • Expert contributors have a nice Expert badge displayed by their names:
  • Expert contributors are proudly part of 360Cities' mission of showing beautiful panoramas from around the world
360Cities Nomads

The 360Cities Nomad badge is awarded to a select group of 360 photographers and videographers who are tireless travellers and create 360º content from a wide range of locations around the world.

Contributors who receive the Nomad Badge will be featured in our social media accounts and our blog, and will receive free access to our Original Files Backup & Restore service, so they can download their original panorama and video files wherever they are, whenever they need them.

We will promote 360Cities visitors and customers will be encouraged to visit the our Nomads’ profile pages so that our visitors and customers of our Nomads to can travel virtually travel around the world with them.

360Cities is the place for the most beautiful panoramas from around the world

Once we see that you consistently publish panoramas that meet our technical and quality requirements we'll grant you an expert status. This means that your newly published panoramas will immediately be selected for 360Cities and will appear on our map, search results, nearby places and recent activity list, and will not first have to go through our standard review process. It's our way of recognizing the consistent quality of the panoramas you have been publishing.

Becoming an expert contributor
Most published contributors of 360Cities that signed up before February 2011 are already expert contributors automatically. You can see your expert contributor status in your account dashboard. To become an expert contributor keep publishing panoramas that meet our technical and quality requirements for some time. If we see consistency in your published panoramas, we'll make you an expert contributor. Please do not write to us asking to become an expert contributor. We'll review your account when we see you've been publishing good-quality content.

Losing an expert contributor status
If you start publishing panoramas that do not qualify for our technical or quality requirements you can lose your trusted status. Therefore, once you are an expert contributor, make sure you only publish beautiful panoramas! If you ever lose your expert status, you can gain it back by consistently publishing new good-quality panoramas but it will take some (possibly long) time before you get it back.

Already a 360Cities expert contributor?
We are proud to have you as an expert contributor of 360Cities! Thank you for being with us and thank you for helping us keeping 360Cities beautiful!

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