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Organize your panoramas in different Sets and share them with the world. You can create your own gallery by categorizing your photographs.

When you open any panorama in a set, it will only display arrows to other panoramas that belong to the same set. Thanks to this feature, viewers are able to view all the panoramas in a set without having to click back and open them one by one from the set's gallery page.

It’s very easy to create your Sets and you can create as many as you want! This feature is only available for paid accounts: Plus, Pro and Company.

Your set in VR

The most immersive way to view the hundreds of thousands of 360° images on is in Virtual Reality (VR). You can enjoy the VR experience either by using a dedicated head mounted display (headset) like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive or by using mobile devices with a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, also with Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

We have made it possible for you to create sets of panoramas in which viewers can navigate from one image to another without removing their VR headset.

PLUS account holders and above can now create sets of images that can be viewed in VR. It is a great feature that allows viewers to navigate from one image to another without having to take off their VR headset.

To see all of the sets on 360Cities just go to the Contributor Sets Gallery > select the curated set you want to see > and click on:

You'll be able to navigate around the 360º images of that set from your desktop or from your mobile device.

Rotate your head and body to choose the panorama you want to see. With your VR device on, stare at the panoramic image chosen and it'll be opened for you. Enjoy the experience.

How do I create a Set?

1. Login into your 360Cities account and click on:

2. Click on "Create a Set".

3. Add the name and the description of your Set.

4. Select the panoramas you want to add to that Set: you can choose whether to select them from the images displayed or search them by image title.

5. Then, just click on

to add them to the Set. You also can remove any panorama from your set by unselecting it from the “Images in the set” list on the right side and then click on

6. Select a the caption of your Set, this image will be the cover of it.

7. Enjoy and share your Set!

8. Your Set is eligible to be included as one of our Curated Sets if all images are available for 360Cities licensing.

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