Thomas K Sharpless

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Philadelphia, USA, North America
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About Thomas

I'm  a retired software and systems engineer who worked in cancer research, medical imaging and chip design.  I got hooked on panoramic photography in 2004, when I converted a document scanner into a rotating digital slit camera. Eventually built 5 of those; but finally realized I could only get the pictures I wanted by using real cameras and stitching software. 

I got into developing open source panography software (Hugin, libpano) around 2008.  In 2009, I co-rediscovered an 18th century painters' technique for rendering wide views in a natural looking perspective, and have been evangelizing it unde the name "Panini projection" (it has been implemented several times and is also called the "vedutismo" and "recti-perspective" projection).  I developed and published several programs that offer new ways to control wide angle photo and video perspective, under the general name, "Panini". 

My latest effort is PT3D, a helper program for stitching stereoscopic panoramas with PTGui.  I hope eventually to develop a true 3D stitching tool, that can combine hand-held stereo snapshots into seamless spherical panoramas.

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