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Lexicon of 360Cities Terms

Upload: the action to upload your panoramas to 360Cities (via web or ftp). Uploading doesn’t mean that your panorama will be published right away. You first need to choose to publish it.

Pending: the uploaded panorama is in process on the 360Cities servers.

Published: a published panorama will then appear in the 360Cities and Google Earth review queues. If it is selected for 360Cities it will be viewable publicly on 360Cities, on your profile page and then 360Cities map.

Unpublished: you can choose to leave your panoramas unpublished. This means they won’t be reviewed for viewing on or included in the 360Cities KMZ file for Google Earth.

Unlisted: you can set any panorama as unlisted. That means that your panorama won’ be seen in your profile page or publicly on 360Cities. But you can still share the image URL with anyone you want.

Batch Edit: a fast and easy way to edit the location, description and heading of one or a bunch of your panoramas.

Editors’ Picks: the 360Cities Editors select the best panoramas as Editors’ Picks. These panoramas are featured in our homepage, blog and social networks.

Gigapixel: an image that contains at least 1 billion pixels. It has an incredible resolution when zooming in.

Cylindrical 360º Panoramas: images that cover 360-degrees around but don’t allow viewing all the way up and down. In creating a cylindrical pano, you need to make sure the first and the last photos overlap.

Spherical Panoramas: images that capture the full 360x180-degree field of view in which you can look all the way around and also up and down. They can even be created so that the tripod and photographer's shadow don’t appear in the picture.

Expert: badge denoting a photographer who consistently published panoramas that meet our technical and quality requirements.

Maestro: badge denoting a select group of photographers for their exceptional contribution to the 360Cities Panoramic World. The MAESTRO badge is displayed next to the EXPERT badge and the photographer’s name.

Out of this World: a category is for panoramas that normally wouldn't qualify for the 360Cities public content layer either because they are are animated, have exaggerated special effects, are computer-generated, are artistically imperfect, or don’t realistically represent a geographic location on earth. Many of these images can be interesting, artistic, experimental etc. and we want to provide a proper home for them.

Metadata: information about your panorama including title, location, description, and tags. You must spend some time in adding proper metadata if you want your panoramas to be easy to find.

Licensing: 360Cities regularly licenses images from our database for use by commercial customers like advertising agencies, digital publishers and app developers. Members receive a royalty when one of their panoramas is licensed.

User ID or Handle: this is found in your account URL and is set in your account page.

User Name: the name of your account. It’s displayed on your profile page and on your image pages by your profile picture. FREE account holders may only use their personal name as their user name. Pro and Company users can set a company name or a nickname.

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