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Tips To Increase The Chances Of Licensing Your Panoramas And 360º Videos

Advertising agencies, digital publishers, mobile and VR developers among others license high quality panoramas and 360º videos for use in ad campaigns, digital publications, mobile and VR apps, etc., and demand is increasing all the time.* You can improve the chances that your images will be selected for licensing by 360Cities customers, and by customers of our distribution partners, by following these guidelines:

  1. First, make sure your images are enabled for licensing both via 360Cities and our distribution partners. It's easy to do, here's how.All published and selected 360º videos are available for licensing, so you don’t need to do anything else.
  2. Be sure to enter correct and informative metadata. A good title and description that answer the questions, "WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN" is the best way to improve your chances of earning royalties. Read all about proper metadata here.
  3. Publish beautiful, properly stitched panoramas and 360º videos of the following types:
    1. famous landmarks
    2. tourist destinations
    3. iconic buildings and interesting architectural objects
    4. natural wonders of the world
    5. archeological treasures
    6. national parks
    7. beautiful landscapes
    8. cityscapes and interesting city views
    9. well known venues (stadiums, performance halls, theaters, etc.)
  4. NO GRAPHICS: adding graphics inside your images and 360º videos will dramatically DECREASE the chances that they will be selected for licensing by our and our distribution partners' customers. So to increase the chances that you will earn royalties, please avoid putting your name or logo inside your content.
  5. And of course the larger your 360Cities portfolio, the greater the chances of having your panoramas and 360º videos licensed, so the more the better!

REMEMBER: The best way to improve your chances of earning licensing royalties is to be sure your title and description answer the questions, "WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN". More about metadata.

* If any of your images or 360º videos have been licensed in the past, you will have received a royalty payment from 360Cites via Paypal. Now you can review details of your licensing history in your account page by clicking Settings / Licensing.

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