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How can I make my own panoramas? Is it difficult?

It's easy to learn, and difficult to master, like most things in life! Find out which camera to use and how to take photos in the introduction article How to make 360° panoramas. After you are ready Get started with 360Cities and create an account!

What is all about?

360Cities is the web's largest and most breathtaking virtual visit of Earth, showing thousands of panoramas made by hundreds of photographers. The photos we show are special - they are interactive, spherical panoramic photos which you explore yourself. We want to bring this type of photography to the mainstream. We believe it is an incredibly useful and fun way to see the world, and it takes advantage of today's fast internet and computers. A static photo on a web page is a wasted opportunity - after you see our images we're sure you'll agree.

I'm a photographer. What are the benefits of joining 360 Cities?

Please read the Why Join section in the signup page.

How I can see my panoramas in Google Earth?

Panoramas that are selected for 360Cities can also be selected for Google Earth after review. To explore the 360Cities library of stunning 360º images on Google Earth desktop, download this KMZ file and open it in Google Earth for desktop. Learn more.

I like some of the images on your site. Are these pictures for sale?

Most of them are. Learn more about Licensing of Panoramas. If you are a photographer you can Offer Your Panoramas for Licensing.

I am a member of 360Cities and I need help!

Please post your question to our Community Forum and somebody will attend it soon.

Something is broken and not working, how should I let you know?

Please post a message to the Community Forum.

How do I discover great panoramas on our site?

You should follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and definitely read our blog where we post the best of the best panoramas.

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