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Emilia Romagna, Italy, Europe
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About Massimo

Hello there,

I'm a 2D and 3D graphic designer freelancer from Italy. I stepped into panoramic photography on 2005. My first equipment was a Kaidan QuickPan IV rotator with a Standard Bracket for cylindrical shots. Later on I switched to  Manfrotto 303SPH rotator for spherical panorama. Manfrotto 303SPH solution is very precise but too much heavy for travelling, so I decided to get a Fanotec NN3 in 2007, much better lighter and esier solution to carry on!

In the past I used a Nikon D-70 or a Nikon D-300, most of the times with the lightweight Fanotec NN3, a couple of lenses: Tamron 10/24 and a Nikkor 18/70 and a Manfrotto Digi 725B as tripod. Recently I got one Panasonic GH2 - 16Mpx (micro 4/3) with a 14-140 mm zoom.

I take panos expecially for sampling landscapes for HDR/IBL application in 3D sofwares or simply to have background plates for 3d architectural rendering.
In the last 10 years I've been in India, Sardinia (Italy), Cornwall (UK), Danmark, Norway, Mongolia, Indonesia, Madagascar and Japan.

Thank you for reading and stopping by!

Massimo Storari